Saturday, April 10, 2010

Citroen Hypnos Hybri

The Citroen Hypnos Hybrid concept, which debuted during the 2008 Paris Motor Show, may look plain on the outside but prepare for the mind and eye-boggling psychedelic interiors. This is one quirky auto with jewel-like seats and a double-helix center station styled like a DNA adorning the interior.

The Citroen Hypnos Hybrid concept is powered by a 50-mpg hybrid powertrain producing 200 horsepower. The psychedelic concept car should not come as a surprise considering that it carries a name identified in the Hellenic mythology as Hypnos the god of sleep. But as to whether or not this is a foreboding that the car will be a sleeper once it reaches production version has not been confirmed. The manufacturer or maybe the one who named this Citroen would have done better naming the car with a little more research since he would discover that Hypnos had four sons one of whom is named Morpheus or the god of dreams—this would have been more appropriate.

While the design and the name remain highly debatable the Citroen Hypnos Hybrid is a certified fuel-efficient auto with a low fuel consumption of 4.5 liter per 100 kilometer. It is also environment-friendly with just 120 g/km of CO2 emissions.

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